Enriching ocean health and human wealth, together, forever.


We love the ocean, and humans, and care about the connection between them being beneficial. We want to contribute to a culture of caring that serves all humans, our oceans, and all species with them, for all time.

Our Purpose then, is to: Enrich ocean health and human wealth, together, forever.

Our Strategy, to realise this purpose is to: Work with human wonders on beneficial innovations for healthy oceans

Our Mission as a company, the focus of all our products, services and attention is: Investing in ocean innovation.

Practically, in addition to delivering our core products and services, we:

  • invest 50% of our profits into ventures that contribute to ocean health, 
  • invest 20% of our time into advocacy, strategy and collaboration to realise the vision of WA being the leading Blue Economy in the Indian Ocean.



We are ready and available when it suits you, providing fast responses so you can take advantage of key opportunities and critical moments.


We present precise, deeply considered and thoroughly-tested advice so you can feel confident in making major strategic decisions.


We understand your needs and purpose and stay abreast of the latest developments to ensure our actions are aligned and deliver the greatest benefits.


Andrew Outhwaite Passport

Andrew Outhwaite

Founder and Managing Director

Andrew's work is a heartfelt expression of care for the long-term health of whole communities. He's lead entrepreneurial social ventures that realise that purpose and at others times serve others as an adviser and facilitator. Andrew blends scientific understanding with a commitment to human development and passion for entrepreneurial solutions.

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Sahira Bell

Sahira Bell

Project Officer

Sahira Bell’s mantra “people protect what they love, and love what they understand” is the driving force behind her projects, where she takes a novel approach to marine science by combining traditional research with outreach to ensure her work contributes to positive change.

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For Blue started as an inquiry into the future health of the Indian Ocean and WA's Economy. Phase 1 of For Blue was research  conducted in 2019 to find strategic opportunities that could increase ocean health, human wealth, and leveraged WA's existing natural and social assets.

The research and subsequent briefings engaged with a range of marine research institutions, peak industry bodies, international governments and elders of WA's Blue Economy. Their response the briefings and launch were so positive that a company was formed in early 2020 to take some of the most popular ideas forward, actualise the vision and capitalise on the opportunities.

The form and focus of what For Blue does is intended to evolve, yet always aligned with the mission and purpose.
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