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Our Mission is to grow enriching blue economies and healthy marine ecosystems for the benefit of all humans.

Our Vision is that by 2030, Western Australia is the leading Blue Economy in the Indian Ocean.

Our Long-term Vision is to create a human culture of caring for the ocean that endures for centuries and generations. The benefits this culture and evidence of its existence would be the generative enrichment of the ocean, ecosystems and all dependent humans. The place to commence our journey is Western Australia and the Indian Ocean.

All our activities are intended to simultaneously benefit our local communities and industries, the marine ecosystems, and the thirty two nations and two billion people with whom we share an Indian Ocean. 

If the vision, mission and activities encourage you, please join our community.

Please explore this website to learn about:

  • Nine areas of opportunity identified through Phase 1 research,
  • How the research has been received,
  • The Prospectus outlining the vision, mission and five initiatives,
  • Current ventures such as research, events and programs.


Casual Project Officer - closed


For Blue began in 2019 through research lead and initiated by Andrew Outhwaite and funded by We Are Arising Pty Ltd.

Key institutions were engaged in the research and more were briefed on the report before it was launched publicly in December 2019.

The response to the report, briefings and launch were so positive that an organisation was created as a vehicle to continue the work with a community of leaders, working in innovative ventures and pursuing timely opportunities.

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