Enabling a healthy Indian Ocean - Workshop

April 2, 2020
By For Blue

Our workshop proposal for the combined Australian Marine Science Association 2021 conference was accepted. Significantly it is the only workshop to be scheduled during the conference, rather than before or after.

Our workshop topic strongly aligned with the conference scope and themes of "Marine Science in the Anthropocene". Below is the rationale for the workshop.

Contact us if you'd like to join as a convening partner or participant.

"Enabling a healthy Indian Ocean: strategies for decades, centuries and millennia?"

Thirty-two nations bound the Indian Ocean. Of them, Australia arguably has the deepest capability in marine science and industry. Please join this workshop if you are excited about this as an opportunity to lead in defining and facilitating the health of that ocean.

The convenors are leading initiatives at the intersection of science, industry and social change. Our projects and publications identify specific, significant opportunities for Australia’s role in the health of the Indian Ocean and dependent populations.

This workshop brings together participants from diverse disciplines to contribute to an expanded perspective on what we may do collectively - for the whole ocean, for timeframes out to millennia, and in collaboration with other nations.

Scientific research is profoundly important; it is also insufficient on its own for enabling ocean health. And it’s researchers that have the understanding and insights to generate innovation, can rigorously evaluate proposed actions, and are trusted as sources of objective truth.

The workshop starts with an understanding of both: the bio-geo-physical states, trends and indicators, and the existing: stakeholders, initiatives and definitions of ‘healthy’ oceans.

 The focus of the facilitated workshop session is on strategic initiatives. We are inviting discussion of science needs and projects, and also: research translation, ocean health indicators, industry partnerships, innovation commercialisation and international collaborations.



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