Attracting talent and investment to world-leading ocean innovations

What is Blue Gravity?

Blue Gravity is a unique initiative focused on:
1. Commercialising innovative, scalable marine technology ventures;
2. Growing healthy ‘blue economies’ through forums and collaboration

Blue Gravity provides these benefits at affordable rates for innovators, thanks to subsidised services from dozens of partners and funding support from government and industry.

For ventures

If you have an innovative venture, Blue Gravity provides you with easy access to : objective needs assessment, clear recommendations, subsidised services, and funding that’s exactly a fit for your stage, strategy and technology.

Review the criteria, steps, services below and submit an EOI to access the first stage of support.

For partners

For government, sponsors and industry associations, Blue Gravity creates a thriving ocean innovation ‘cluster’, insights into trends and opportunities, and direct benefits that can be offered to local businesses or you members.

Review the activities below and get in touch directly for further information.

For investors

For investors, Blue Gravity provides insights into trends and opportunities, and a vetted pipeline of investible ventures that meet your criteria or suit your geography.

Review the investment events and program and submit an EOI to receive invitations.

Benefits for Innovators

Astute Assessment

Clear read on present situation, strengths and weaknesses

Balanced Recommendations

Customised recommendations based on thousands of data points

Aligned Funding 

Fast-track access to appropriate services, subsidies or funding

Blue Gravity Criteria

Blue Gravity is for innovative ventures who are, or plan to: be based in, operate from or benefit the Western Australian economy, community or environment.


In, with or for the ocean: depends on or benefits the ocean.


Intended to generate commercial revenue and profit.


A quantifiable contribution to SDG 14 or ocean health goals.


Generates additional value and is at least a prototype (TRL 5).


Replicable and has 3-5x growth potential the next 1-5 years


Open to assistance  to achieve  goals in the next 6-12 months.


      Generating new, additional, beneficial value

Prototype - have a product or service TRL 5 or later


          Replicable in multiple applications, locations

High growth potential - 3-5x in 1-5 years


          Open to advice, assistance & investment

Specific objectives - milestones in the next 6-12 months

The Steps

1 - Register

Submit an EOI with your venture information so we can assess your suitability for the programme.

If you're a fit for Blue Gravity we will invite you to participate in the diagnosis process.

2 - Diagnosis

Complete an online questionnaire that helps you think critically about commercialisation.

This provides us with the information we need to understand your venture and create a report and recommendations.

3 - Follow up

Book in a call to review the draft report. The recommendations may relate to team, technology, investment-readiness, partnerships or other aspects.

In the call, we will discuss your aspirations, situation and next steps to grow your innovation.

4 - The Report

A finalised report captures refined recommendations and actions, all specific to you.

This may be include prioritised links, references, resources, referrals or sources of funding: whatever is most helpful to progress commercialisation.

5 - Blue Gravity Funding

For qualifying ventures, applications for Blue Gravity support funding are recommended.

This capped, competitive funding provides up to $10,000 to spend on the next steps e.g. technology development, market research, investment-readiness.

Ready to Get Started?


Our process

You share feedback about the services and together we review your situation. Based on this we recommend actions and resources, which may include more Blue Gravity services. 


For government and industry associations, Blue Gravity creates a thriving ocean innovation ‘cluster’, insights into trends and opportunities, and direct benefits that can be offered to local businesses or members.
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Events for partners and investors

Between May and December Blue Gravity will convene 6 forums and events. Invitations and further details of each event will be sent to everyone has registered an EOI first,  then to the wide blue economy community, and then publicly.

Edge: Engineering Ocean Solutions

Edge is THE forum for industry leaders, R&D teams, engineers, innovators, and young talents to connect around the leading edge of marine engineering technologies and projects.

Blue Growth Investment Forum

Connect entrepreneurs, investors, project proponents and brokers from marine and related industries to share insights and explore new investment opportunities in this exciting sector.

State of the Blue Economy

The premier event to align on priorities for advocacy and action to advance WA's blue economy. Join leaders from fishing, energy engineering, research, tourism, and conservation. 

Pulse: The Next Wave of Science & Innovation for Sustainable Development

The premier regional innovation event focused on growing regenerative industries and economies. 

Blue Growth Salon Series

Invite-only curated discussion is a unique opportunity to help you tune in with rare and critical insights by hearing directly from the innovators and experts.

Blue Assembly

Insert description here

Be a Partner



On Services

On Services

On Services

About the Diagnosis process...

“…I think for us it was just really good to see where we are at, and have a really clear view of what we need to do to be completely ready for commercialisation.”
“Eye opener as to process and what is available to support us.”
“Through the [recommended] program we restructured our business model to a more efficient and achievable approach. Completely satisfied with outcomes.”
“Helped me to clarify what the business should look like moving forward”
“Blue Gravity gave our business a clear understanding of our goal and the metrics we needed concentrate on to achieve them”

About Investment-readiness services

Canopy Blue 

"The most significant benefit was the overall support [from Andrew] across a range of areas, from deck creation to financial model building and event participation.

Andrews expert yet broad knowledge and ability to connect us to the right people resulted overall in an overall increase in the businesses valuation".

Fremantle Seaweed

"For Blue have seen our project from concept through to first prototype. Consistent good (sometimes hard to hear!) advice on our strategy.

The delivery of a financial model that reflects our business in its current state has and will continue to make a significant impact to Fremantle Seaweed’s valuation and presentation to investors."


"Personal and technical support from the team with all questions and queries was outstanding.

They went over and above to ensure we understood fully how to use implement and benefit from the systems that they provided to us."

Blueback Freediving

“We created a vision, mission and values for the business as well as a considerable re-evaluation of my efficiencies while developing a tangible path forward to streamlining my clients' journey as well as my back-end systems.”

Great Southern Reef

“The program helped us identify and overcome some key barriers that were limiting the progress of our organisation. This has helped us structure our efforts and made noticeable changes to how we operate, our offerings, and targets for investment.”

Plastic Free July

"We benefited from understanding of the approach and investment needed to scale up a product/offering and the need for clear strategy. Awareness of the diverse opportunities available for raising funds and the approach needed for success."

2022 Participants


Blue Gravity Partners

Blue Gravity is only possible thanks to investment and support from partners

Prefer to speak with someone?


Frequently Asked Questions

          Terms and Conditions

Does Blue Gravity have an open and close date or other limits?

The subsidised Diagnosis process is limited to 35 ventures. This is forecast to last until 1 December 2023.

How much money is in the fund?

There is enough for 8 ventures to receive funding of up to $10,000 each.

How much time do I have to put in?

1. EOI: 5 minutes
2. Diagnosis self-assessment: 30 minutes
3. Call to review draft report and recommendations: 30 minutes
4. Complete an evaluation: 10 minutes

Are businesses or NFPs that are registered interstate or overseas able to apply?

Yes, if they are, or plan to: be based in, operate from or benefit the Western Australian economy, community or environment. In the case of the number of EOIs exceeding expectations, WA-based, owned and operated ventures will be prioritised. 

What’s the benefit of the Diagnosis process?

The Diagnosis process involves experienced experts assessing twelve aspects of the venture. This is combined with the innovator’s self-assessment, and benchmarked against anonymised results from a database of other ventures. The resulting report is a sound basis for reflection, strategy development, and sharing with investors.
This method of assessment is superior to advice from self-interested advisors, self-assessment without the benefit of hundreds of precedents for comparison, or trying to use a generic framework ill-suited to the specifics of ocean innovations.

How are recommendations made?

Recommendations made through Blue Gravity are specific to the stage, type, geography, strengths, technology and team. They are actionable within 3-12 months and designed to maximise the progression, increase in valuation of the venture and be the highest-leverage use of the venture’s available resources. Based on the recommendations ventures can access a curated, prioritised selection of: service providers, customers and collaborators, and sources of funding and investment.
This approach to recommendations saves the innovators the time and cost of reviewing dozens of potential providers, thousands of blue economy contacts or hundreds of different types of funding. It also assists ventures to prioritise limited resources and have a pre-built scope for use of funds, which can be taken to boards, funders or investors.

What sources of funding are available?

For your benefit, we review thousands of potential sources of funding, subsidies, and investment to create an up-to-date database of three hundred suitable options for different ocean innovations. We use the Diagnosis and recommendations process to further filter this list and provide you with a succinct top list of options that are suitable for your venture. We also have our own small fund that invests equity-free capital in a small number of ventures each year, which you might find interesting.
We understand that filtering public databases can be challenging, especially without understanding the detailed conditions. It can also lead to making applications with a low chance of success or engaging with investors at the wrong time, wrong angle, or with no experience, understanding, or track record of engaging with similar ventures. So, we are here to help!

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