Invest in your ocean innovation


This blue economy initiative serves small to medium-sized enterprises (SME's) in marine industries to grow through investment in diversification, commercialisation and international markets.

Eligible businesses in the Mid West, Gascoyne, South West, Great Southern and Fremantle, may access subsidised:

‣ Growth advisory
‣ Webinars and workshops
‣ Growth guides
‣ Travel subsidies
‣ Investment opportunities

Blue Growth is designed to deliver benefits to business including increased sales, employment, innovation, commercialisation, and investment. The program also advances the broader vision for growing WA’s Blue Economy and leadership in the Indian Ocean.

Timing of activities

Eligible business can access the following scheduled activities:
‣ Growth guides (Apr - Aug)

The Blue Growth guides contain insight for ventures, talent and investors. The guides are available for all businesses that join the program.
‣ Growth advisory (Apr - Sept)

The Blue Growth advisory and mentoring is specific to the needs of participating ventures. Book a complimentary one-on-one to find out more about the program, or attend one of our workshops. Booking links at the bottom of this page.
‣ Expert webinars (May - Jul)

These webinars deliver insight and advice specific to the needs of Western Australia's marine industry.
‣ Investment forum (Sept)

The investment forum connects ventures, talent, investors and partners at a venue in Fremantle. Join the conversation and participate in discussing the future of WA's Blue Economy.
‣ Travel subsidies (Apr - Aug)

Available for regional ventures to access capital city programs.
‣ Regional workshops (Apr - Jul)

Join experts in the Blue Growth regional workshops to gain insight into the future of the Blue Economy and support for ventures and clusters.

Register for an event

Join a Blue Growth webinar
Join the Blue Economy Investment Forum on Thurs 23rd Sept.
Registrations open soon...

Growth advisory


Check the fit with your situation

See the eligibility criteria below. Do you fit the profile, locations, have growth aspirations and prepared to invest in innovation?


Book a free diagnosis session

In a 45 minute one-on-one we will learn about your business, provide feedback on pathways forward and details of what’s accessible.


Get benefits, grow your business

Access specialist one-on-one advisory, workshops and investment opportunities and apply the insights to your business.


Ventures must:

‣ be registered or operating in the locations,
‣ have growth aspirations,
‣ be investing in innovation,
‣ have products or prototypes (beyond an idea).


Mix of in-person and virtual.


The primary investment is time in
growing your business: at least one hour and up
to thirty hours. There are caps on the subsidies
available for travel and advisory.


You will complete reports on progress and a short evaluation to assess benefits and improve future programs.
Time investment: at least one hour and up to thirty hours. There are caps on travel and advisory subsidies.


Blue Growth is led by the following consultants:

Andrew Outhwaite

Andrew is the Director of For Blue and is the lead consultant in the Blue Growth Program. He brings knowledge from a background in startup innovation, strategic business systems, and sustainability.


Grant Oldfield

Grant is the Director of Northstar Development and brings to the Blue Growth Program a background in business, engineering, law and management strategy.


Susie Jackson

Susie is the Principal Consultant at Jackson Business Consulting and brings to the Blue Growth Program vast experience in the startup sector and business consulting across both business  and social sectors. 

Andrew Thomson

Andrew is the Systemic Designer & Founder of Holonic. He brings to the Blue Growth Program extensive experience in system design, strategy and sustainability. 

Robert Bell

Robert is the Principal Consultant at Blueshift Consulting. He brings to the Blue Growth Program a background in science, law and business, and considerable commercial experience in aquaculture.


Blue Growth partners

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