The For Blue research identified and validated nine areas of opportunity for Western Australia's Blue economy.

9 Clusters

In 2019 we conducted research that identified and validated nine areas of opportunity for Western Australia's Blue economy.

Each area of opportunity can be thought of as a 'cluster' of aggregated community, industry, academic and government activity. 

In each cluster area Western Australian institution have strong local capability and clear, accessible opportunities to work with partners and customers across the Indian Ocean.

Each description below is linked to a summary, inspirational examples of existing initiatives, and further activities to realise the potential of these opportunities.

Coastal Adaptation

Could we combine cultural approaches and disciplines to inform our approach to adaptation?

Could we develop expertise in implementing appropriate strategies for ecosystems, industries and cities?


Oceanic Identity

Do we fully appreciate our significant dependence on our seas?

Could we, and the ocean, benefit from deliberate curation of a stronger oceanic cultural identification?


Ecological Stewardship

Could we grow active ocean stewardship as an industry?

Could legislation, management and market economics be used to generate Blue Carbon export-earning value while growing our natural capital?


International Exchange

Could we serve our neighbouring nations through ocean-related education and exchange?

Could growing their capability and capacity also be to our benefit?


Advancing Manufacturing

Are we leveraging our marine manufacturing capabilities as the basis for new industries?

Could we attract talent and grow more scalable startups to advance manufacturing?


Remote Intelligence

Could we develop greater sovereign capability in remote intelligence technologies?

Could this become a significant export service industry to achieve surveillance, defence, and conservation outcomes?


Capital Growth

Is ocean health compatible with economic growth?

Could WA play a significant role in attracting talent, growing ventures and driving investment in Blue Economy innovation?


Forecasting Health

Will a 'healthy' ocean be the same in the future be the same as in the past?

Could WA be a hub for forecasting the dynamics and conditions in marine systems?


Harmonising Governance

Could we facilitate harmony amongst different ecological needs, economic activities and conceptions of our oceans become a core capability?

Could WA institutions convene conferences and collaborations that beneficially contribute to global oceans governance?


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