Meet the Innovator

November 12, 2019
By For Blue

On 6th November 2019 CORE hosted a "Meet the Innovator" session with Andrew Outhwaite interviewed by Ray Wills.

In the interview we talked through the motivation and process as well as outcomes and reception of the For Blue report.

This is the only public documentation of the thinking, positioning and approach to For Blue, and experience of producing it!

Here's how it was promoted:

"Andrew recently led a WA-first analysis of all oceans-related industries, including manufacturing, defence, fishing, blue carbon and remote operations.

This session will provide a preview of the ‘For Blue’ report, which highlights nine key propositions relevant to startups, investors, and researchers. WA institutions and innovations are very well-positioned, globally. Acting on these opportunities now would benefit the organisations, WA, and the oceans.

Few people have the local track record and international experience to legitimately examine where WA’s capabilities intersect with the needs of international markets, and what that means for the future of WA economy, society and ocean ecology."



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