EDGE23 - Register Now! Early Bird 35% off

Engineering Ocean Solutions 17 August 2023 | 8am - 4pm | AMC Jakovich Centre, Henderson, City of Cockburn EARLY BIRD […]

State of the Blue Economy Forum 2022 wrap up

Photos courtesy: Lewis Williamson With more than 120 participants from 69 ocean organisations coming together, a clear consensus has emerged […]

Release - WA’s marine industries to discuss how going blue will improve the health of the economy – and ocean

Leaders from WA’s fishing, energy, engineering, research, tourism and conservation sectors will come together in Fremantle on 8 December 2022 […]

At the Edge of ocean innovation

Representatives from subsea, maritime, aquaculture, fisheries, coastal, and marine protection gathered for ‘Edge – Engineering Ocean Solutions’ in Cockburn on 6 October 2022.

Prioritising markets for Carnegie's Wave Predictor

Fremantle-based Carnegie Clean Energy recently worked with For Blue on an overarching business model and product strategy document to assist the board in key decision making.

Engineering ocean solutions

Some thougths on the future state of the ocean during the Set the Month in Motion podcast with the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce.

Wrap up of Pulse event in Busselton

Turning challenges into opportunities was the theme of 'Pulse - The next wave of marine science and innovation' event in the South West.

Thinking about grants as food for your venture 

With more than 6000 grants available in Australia, where do you start? 

State weighs in on 'blue economy' innovation program

The WA Government announced a grant that adds momentum to the 'Blue Gravity' program for growing local ocean innovations.

State of the Blue Economy - Forum Report

Partners and invited leaders from across WA’s marine industries focused on the assets and opportunities to grow our Blue Economy

Guiding data-driven solutions to ocean plastic pollution

What’s the situation, and solutions, to ocean plastic pollution in South East Asia?

Deeper Blue - Engaging 15-24 year olds in science and innovation for the seas

How can we inspire young people to engage with oceans and science, without in-person events?

World Oceans Day 2020

This year on World Oceans Day, For Blue teamed up with the WA Ocean Foundation to host a virtual summit that brought together a network of organisations and impassioned people to celebrate all things ocean.

The meaning of For Blue - conference paper

This abstract was submitted for the 2021 Australian Marine Science Association conference. If you are interested to discuss this, please get in touch.

Enabling a healthy Indian Ocean - Workshop

Our workshop proposal for the combined Australian Marine Science Association 2021 conference was accepted. Significantly it is the only workshop to be scheduled during the conference.

Eight reasons to catch the Blue Economy wave

Should you look seriously at the opportunities thrown up by the blue economy? A new report suggests you should…

Release: Revealing the full potential of the Indian Ocean Blue Economy for WA

A new report, For Blue, sets a compelling vision for WA’s leaders and innovators in realising the full potential of our marine capabilities and international trade opportunities.

Reception to For Blue report

Since publication, and prior to public release, more than two dozen For Blue briefings have been provided to key stakeholders.

Observations - what do we see initially?

For Blue starts with observing some fundamental tensions in three dimensions of our oceans. These observations are fundamental and should be considered prior to diving into any or all of the nine propositions.

Outlook - where from and to?

This study is a product of a particular situation: time, timing, intention, methods, perspective and systems. Knowing these limitations will make it easier for you to appreciate, critique and contribute to what is presented. 


The report from Phase 1 of For Blue was produced by in collaboration, as per We Are Arising's ethos of: “enabling wholly what we can not separately, and yet must do effectively, to benefit humanity”.

Meet the Innovator

On 6th November 2019 CORE hosted a "Meet the Innovator" session with Andrew Outhwaite interviewed by Ray Wills.

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