Reception to For Blue report

Since publication, and prior to public release, more than two dozen For Blue briefings have been provided to key stakeholders. These include representatives of foreign governments, boards of foundations, professional associations and heads of relevant departments in universities and interntaional agencies.

Below is a sample of some responses to For Blue and the briefings:

"For Blue deals with one of the most pressing issues facing the world in our current century. Simultaneously, an essential element for our existence, a source of inspiration and cultural identity, a resource that feeds, transports, unifies and divides us, the oceans are an element of our biosphere that literally sustain our social, economic and cultural lives. For Blue identifies these contexts a consider a range of tangible propositions for how we can inspire sustainable change to tackle these issues."

Simon White, Independent Policy Advisor at Publicus Pty. Ltd.

"Whilst the future of effective aquatic resource management will always be challenging, where there are challenges there will also exist opportunities. The Australian Seafood Industry has long understood the nexus which exists between environmental sustainability and economic sustainability as our businesses are fundamentally tied to robust and healthy oceans. Andrew's helicopter view approach to identification of wider issues and addressing them via a collaborative approach should bring benefits to the social and economic fabric of WA via better understanding, preservation and development of natural capital considerations."

Steven Davies, CEO of Aquatic Life Industries, third-generation seafood professional.

"Discussions with Andrew Outhwaite, We Are Arising, is exposing the City to innovative thinking about the City’s future economic development role. The for Blue report is assisting key officers in reframing traditional perspectives and realise new opportunities to explore. Such discussions may result for example in an innovative economic development pilot program of which is likely to pick up on the themes and propositions discussed in for Blue. The City hopes such thought processes will directly result  in actions that ultimately promote sustainable economic development decision making and assist innovators, businesses and investors across the City. Thanks to Andrew and his team for the exciting informal discussions had so far."

Rachel Pleasant, Senior Strategic Planner, City of Cockburn

"For Blue is an inspiring initiative taking a positive, bold approach to solving some big problems around Australia's 'blue economy' and beyond.  The team shows they are prepared to dream big and make things happen. This is closely aligned to CERI's vision for a more vibrant and diverse economy and we are fully supportive of this initiative."

Carolyn Williams, Chief Executive Officer at the Centre for Entrepreneurial Research and Innovation

"For Blue is an incredibly timely and important thought piece on future economic development opportunities facing Western Australia.  The report clearly articulates the role/s that the Indian Ocean, and the cities and countries that surrounding it, may play in realising ongoing prosperity for our communities. Our rich history of growth through commodity exports has meant that Western Australia's economic development community can be biased towards initiatives that enhance our commodity export capabilities and competitiveness.  It is refreshing to read a different perspective, that focuses on the needs of our closest neighbours, and the socioeconomic roles that Western Australia may play in meeting these needs for mutual benefit. I highly recommend the report and encourage further examination of the opportunities contained within."

Jason McFarlane, Managing Director - FAR Lane, Chair - Economic Development Australia

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