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For Blue started with research summarised in a report which presents a range of propositions that define opportunities for Western Australian institutions. Pursuing these opportunities would benefit the institutions, WA, Indian Oceans ecosystems and dependent human populations.

The report and this work is intended align our immediate actions with decadal visions, generating benefits for centuries, and growing humans' and the oceans' potential for millennia.

For Blue_report

The opportunities described in the report are relevant to audiences who are willing to act immediately, looking internationally, and thinking strategically.

The report starts with observations from the interacting domains of human conceptions and relations, oceanographic and ecological systems, and industrial and economic activities. Observing the dynamics and effects within each of those domains identified conflicts, unresolved tensions, gaps, and inviting opportunities. Interviews, research, analysis and inquiry resulted in a range of relevant, significant and important propositions.

Nine propositions are presented in this report along with the observations that gave rise to them, actions to advance them, and examples of inspiring initiatives. Common themes across the propositions include: finding our opportunities in others' challenges, growing new industries from existing world-class capabilities, and intending that we, others, and our oceans all benefit from their enaction.

How to approach the report?

The For Blue Phase 1 report is best read both sequentially and selectively.

First, read the brief introductory sections to understand the nine propositions:

Then, read all nine propositions or only selectively.

Each proposition and section has the same structure:

  • Observations - specific facts and insights that define the opportunities,
  • Propositions - proposals of where there is great opportunity to grow value,
  • Inspirations - initiatives already capitalising on the opportunities, and
  • Investigations - next actions to test and advance the propositions.

The final of the nine propositions is also a coda, or conclusion: Harmonising Governance describes how all the other propositions could be advanced.

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