Investing in ocean innovation

We work with companies, universities and charities who have developed novel innovations to, or beyond, proof of concept stage (TRL 4). We focus solely on ocean innovations, leveraging our deep expertise and broad networks to provide exceptional service.

We complement your teams technical knowledge with our expertise in attracting the investment and talent. We add leverage your assets to help you more easily and beneficially scale your innovation, and generate exceptional returns on investment.

We are allies to industry leaders, aligning our efforts to serve your venture and purpose. We have worked with organisations of all scales and many locations: multinationals, SMEs, NGOs, seed-stage startups and independent researchers.

For Commercial and Social Ventures

> Business cases, feasibility studies
> Funding applications, investment attraction

> Leadership coaching, team development
> Governance processes, operating systems

> Strategic planning, innovation facilitation
> Sustainable development, Business-NGO partnerships
Siddarth Hande

Winning the Plastics Data Challenge

We guided Kabadiwalla Connect through the Plastics Data Challenge. They received investment to expand their operations in Chennai, India.

Case study
WA Ocean Foundation

Foundations for WA's Ocean Health

We advise WA Ocean Foundation on strategy and investment and donated 100% of For Blue Phase 1 report sales to their projects.

WAOF website
Broome Community Seagrass Monitoring Project

Strategic Planning to save Seagrass

We advised the award-winning Broome Seagrass Community Monitoring Project on their strategic planning and fundraising tactics.

Seagrass website

For Private and Public Investors

Our synthesis and intelligence can guide your critical investment decisions:

> Investment analysis, due diligence
> Business case development, research to inform advocacy

> Incubation and acceleration, cluster facilitation
> Focusing on geographic locations, industry sectors

> Trends and insights, landscape analysis
> Engaging talent, ventures and stakeholders 

Seafood Directions 2019

Facilitating Seafood Industry Strategy

We facilitated industry strategy workshops on Sustainability, Plastics, Value and Industry at the biennial Seafood Directions 2019 conference.

Conference website
For Blue Phase 1 Report

WA's Opportunities in the Indian Ocean

We developed the first high-level strategy for WA's Blue Economy and focused on our unique capabilities and opportunities in the Indian Ocean.

Report download
West Tech Fest

Blue Tech Venture Showcases

We convened three expert panels during 2019 West Tech Fest focusing on the role of Accelerators, Global Action and Local Leadership.

WestTechFest website

For Talent

We help you find growth opportunities in the Blue Economy 

Community - connect to the latest news, best people and new opportunities

Workshops - gain skills, earn micro-credentials, collaborate on industry challenges

Forums - to connect with peers, leaders, ventures and investors  

Deeper Blue Changemaker

Deeper Blue Talent Attraction

We designed webinars and challenges to help 15-24 year olds advance their careers in science and innovation for our oceans.

Case study
Wold Oceans Day 2020 For Blue

World Ocean Day Summit

We connected 150 people with expert panels on topics including ocean health, technology solutions and science communication.

Summit web page
State of the Blue Economy

State of the Blue Economy Forum

We sponsor forums that assess and advance the state of WA's Blue Economy.

Forum report

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