State of the Blue Economy - Forum Report

February 8, 2021
By For Blue

The 2020 “State of the Blue Economy Forum” was convened by the partners and invited leaders from across Western Australia’s marine industries and focus on the assets and opportunities to grow our Blue Economy.

The forum partners share a recognition of the potential of WA’s marine industries and ecosystems. We see these marine assets as increasingly valuable and globally significant, as opportunities deserving of investment, and also recognise the risks and pressures they are facing in the future.

We are also broadly aligned in our vision for the growth of WA’s Blue Economy. We see potential to both take better care of our local marine ecosystems and increase the value of marine industries contribution to our State’s economy. We also see potential for WA to taking a leading role in the governance and growth of the broader Indian Ocean Blue Economy.

State of the Blue Economy 2
Timely context for considering the state and trends in WA's Blue Economy

With those common foundations and context as a basis, this inaugrual Forum convened industry insiders from different sectors to share their perspectives and insights. Participants were invited to:

  • have informed dialogue,
  • make valuable connections,
  • align longer-term visions and short-term actions,
  • progress useful collaborations, and 
  • have a great morning by the ocean!

As we hoped, inviting panellists from diverse sectors and perspectives meant all participants benefitted from a holistic overview of our oceanic opportunities and challenges.

State of the Blue Economy 4
Participants represented diverse organisations

The forum was considered timely, well-facilitated and discussions were energised, optimistic and rich. There was a strong resonance with the vision of WA looking beyond our boundaries, and being the leading Blue Economy in the Indian Ocean. Key themes from the discussions include:

  • careful growth,
  • coordinated governance,
  • sustainable development,
  • systemic risk management,
  • technological innovation and
  • infrastructure investment.

The core partners behind the forum committed to convening a Blue Economy alliance and future forums, which can inform industry development, sustainable management and advocate to other levels of government.

Individual participants were encouraged to build on the connections and collaborations, and act as good Blue Economy ambassadors.

If you would like to partner on future forums, connect with participants or want further information, please get in touch.



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